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Simplicity: the ultimate sophistication
  1. Philip Glasgow
  1. Correspondence to Dr Philip Glasgow, Department of Sports Medicine, Sports Institute Northern Ireland, University of Ulster, Jordanstown, Newtownabbey BT37 0QB, UK; philglasgow{at}

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Efficient movement underpins all great sporting performances. When performed by an expert, complex movements can appear effortless, almost simple; as Leonardo Da Vinci stated, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Dynamic control of movement is also central to safe sporting function and is dependent on the sophisticated integration of a range of factors including environment, nature of the task, feedforward input, afferent feedback as well as individual motor capabilities. The current issue of BJSM considers many of these features highlighting the complexity and multifactorial nature of running-related injuries as well as underlining the importance of return to sport decisions.

Born to run or learn to run?

The interaction of internal and external factors in sports injury has been well described,1 and is highlighted in the current issue. The role of footwear (or absence thereof), foot shape, dynamic proximal control as well as the specific effects of loading are all evaluated and remind us as clinicians that we need …

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