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  1. U Bakare1,
  2. E Ogunkunle2
  1. 1Nigeria Sports Physiotherapy Association, LAGOS, Nigeria
  2. 2Nigeria Sports Physiotherapy Association, ABUJA, Nigeria


Objective To provide information from practice based evidence on the structure of teaching the protocol of “11+” to potential instructors for coaches/handlers of teams as part of an on-goin implementation study.

Methods Prequel to an implementation study of the "11+" included sytematic recruitment of interested persons, taking them through a course of training in the Protocol using a self-developed syllabus for two-hours per session over a course of 16 sessions. The individuals recruited were in 2011 and 2012 designated as group A and B respectively. Considerations: 1) The majority of the group of interested people trained can be classified as relatively active but not athletic, 2) Applying principles of exercise training which should be carried out progressively from low intensity to transition accordingly, 3) Time frame allocated at the training venue THE GRANGE SCHOOL IKEJA, LAGOS where the team had access pitch/classroom for a period of two hours for free on Saturdays.

Results Group A completed thier training over a course of 16 weeks which helped in developing a teaching syllabus in 2012. The specified number of sessions was adequate to transfer knowledge effectively from Group A to Group B and equip participants effectively to prepare to teach potential target audience without being lost in translation. It created an opportunity for GROUP A to develop their teaching, technical ability and time management over the course of the sessions. It also created a template adoptable for implementation structure when training coaches/handlers/teams.

Conclusion It is pertinent to have implementation strategies clearly outlined and structured to facilitate better outcomes of learning which may differ from place to place considering a host of factors contributing to affecting the implementation plan. The 16 sessions proposed is deemed adequate but can be completed in a shorter timeline if there is access to facilities for training and funding to facilitate program. The need for research outcome implemetation to target population.

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