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  1. A Brooks,
  2. K MacDonald,
  3. N Wasylyk,
  4. S Hetzel,
  5. T McGuine
  1. University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA


Background Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT3) was published March 2013 to allow more complete clinical assessment of concussed athletes.

Objective Establish normative SCAT3 values in adolescent athletes.

Design Prospective cohort.

Setting 7 Wisconsin high schools.

Participants 758 (187 Female, 571 Male) athletes (age 15.9±1.1 yrs.) in 19 sports.

Risk factor assessment SCAT3 administered summer 2013. Subjects reported previous SRC history in past 12 months.

Main outcome measurements Total symptoms (TS, 0–22), symptom severity (SS, 0–132), total Standardized Assessment of Concussion (SAC, 0–30), Orientation (OR, 0–5), Immediate Memory (IM, 0–15), Concentration (CO, 0–5), Delayed Recall (DR, 0–5), Balance Error Scoring System (BESS, 0–20). T-tests (P<.05) used to test for differences based on sex and previous history of SRC.

Results Mean scores (95% CI) were: TS 1.32 (1.31–1.33); SS 2.15 (1.80–2.48); total SAC 26.12 (25.90–26.26); OR 4.69 (4.64–4.72); IM 14.25 (14.15–14.31); CO 3.25 (3.15–3.33); DR 3.93 (3.85–3.99); BESS 13.46 (13.05–13.79). No difference in baseline scores by sex: SS (P=.51), IM (P=.37), CO (P=.30), DR (P=.19), BESS (P=.98). Males had higher TS (1.41 vs 1.04, P=.05) and lower total SAC (26.02 vs 26.4, P=.03), and OR (4.66 vs 4.76, P=.02). No difference in baseline scores by previous SRC history for total SAC (P=.18), OR (P=.57), IM (P=.13), CO (P=.69), DR (P=.53), BESS (P=.06). Athletes with previous SRC reported higher TS (1.91 vs 1.25, P=.01) and SS (3.33 vs 2.0, P=.02).

Conclusions Normative SCAT3 values in adolescent athletes vary by gender and previous SRC history.

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