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  1. R Johnson
  1. Unknown, Unknown, USA


Background A growing body of evidence may indicate that the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC) has an influence on the function of the scapular and shoulder in overhand throwing athletes. Dysfunction of the LPHC may be related to shoulder injuries.

Objective The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of a simulated game on angular velocity and acceleration of the LPHC in youth baseball pitchers.

Design Repeated measures within-subjects design (MANOVA).

Setting Controlled laboratory setting. Youth sports.

Participants 13 male baseball pitchers (11.2±1.0 years; 44.9±7.3 kg; 151.5±6.7 cm) volunteered for this study.

Interventions The effects of a simulated baseball game without exceeding the participants' age-restricted pitch limit (35 to 65 pitches) under laboratory conditions formed the independent variable.

Main outcome measurements The peak positive and negative velocities and accelerations of flexion/extension and axial rotation of the LPHC during the action (ACT) and follow through (FT) phase before and after the simulated game were the dependent measures.

Results The main effect of the simulated game was not significant. Univariate measures indicated axial rotation velocity during the action phase increased, Pre (M=540.2°/s, SD=97.8) Post (M=626.7°/s, SD=101.0), F (1, 24)=4.34, P>.049 game. All other LPHC axial rotation measures increased but were not significant at the P=.05 level. No significant change in the angular velocities or accelerations of LPHC flexion.

Conclusions Increases in positive angular velocity and acceleration in axial rotation in both ACT and FT were accompanied by increased variation. This may indicate less LPHC control during pitches at the end of the simulated game. Further research on LPHC kinematics needs to be done to understand the role of the pelvis as it relates to the shoulder and kinetic chain.

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