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  1. T Kamiya1,2,
  2. K Nakano3,
  3. T Yamashita1
  1. 1Sapporo Medical University, Sapporo, Japan
  2. 2Takikawa Municipal Hospital, Takikawa, Japan
  3. 3Nishioka Daiichi Hospital, Sapporo, Japan


Background The number of women who begin to play soccer and futsal is increasing rapidly in Japan. In particularly, futsal is more popular for beginners because few players are able to enjoy themselves indoors observing such a simple rule. However, injuries concerning with women's beginner futsal have not been reported previously.

Objective The aim of this study is to clear the characteristics of the injury in women's beginner futsal league.

Design This study was investigated prospectively.

Setting The subjects were players participated in the women's beginner futsal league.

Participants A total of 465 players (38 teams) registered to women's beginner futsal league in Hokkaido (a northern region of Japan) for 2009–2010 seasons were investigated in this study. Inclusion criteria of the beginner were defined that the experience period for soccer or futsal was less than four years.

Interventions This study was supported by the Hokkaido Football Association. Every team had an obligation to send the questionnaire concerning injuries after each game. This questionnaire was consisted of the injury characteristic, the part of the injury, the degree of the injury, and the how to treatment.

Main outcome measurements Injury rate was analyzed by the injury number/1000 player-hours.

Results The injury rate was 144.3/1000 player-hours. The most occurring injury was the ankle sprain that the injury rate was 52.6/1,000 player-hours. The incidence of the anterior cruciate ligament injury of the knee was 2.6/1000 player-hours.

Conclusions The injury rate in women's futsal league was quite high compared with men and women professional soccer league. Interventions to reduce the injury should be suggested to the women who begin to play futsal.

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