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  1. S Vercruysse
  1. Ghent University, Department of Movement and Sport Sciences, Ghent, Belgium


Background PE teachers are at high risk of injuries because of the total package of physically active tasks123, so a good injury prevention intervention is needed.

Objective The main research goal was to develop, optimize and trace the feasibility of an SDT-grounded intervention of injury prevention in PE teachers. The second aim was improving the awareness and knowledge for injury prevention in PE teachers in order to motivate towards change in teachers' actual behavior.

Design The two trainings were each given 5 times and adjusted 2 times. Also a pre-post (awareness and knowledge) and baseline (injury history) was completed.

Setting PE teachers of 9 different schools in Flanders (BE).

Participants 20 PE teachers (13 men, 7 women; mean age: 42.1±2.2 years) of nine different schools in Flanders (Belgium), voluntarily participated. The PE teachers had to give at least some hours of PE in secondary school and this for the hole period of investigation. There was a drop-out of 3 PE teachers.

Interventions 8 prevention strategies were offered, consisting of: one theoretical (Part I) and two practical parts (Part II & III), which were spread over two trainings. Training A included part I and II, training B consisted of part III.

Main outcome measurements Appreciation, opinions and suggestions of the usefulness, presentation and form of the different parts of the intervention (focus groups and questionnaires). Secondly self-reported behavior, awareness and knowledge to motivate the PE teachers towards injury prevention.

Results Both the suggestions and adjustments of the PE teachers resulted into an optimized and feasible intervention. The weekly average of applied prevention strategies was 70.7min/week in males and 38.0min/week in females. Behavior (P=.015), awareness (P<.001) and knowledge (P<.001) improved.

Conclusions There is a big appreciation for the intervention and first results show an improved behavior, knowledge and awareness.

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