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Is there ever a truth in evidence based medicine?
  1. Gavan White
  1. Sports Doctors Australia, Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia
  1. Correspondence to Dr Gavan White, Sports Doctors Australia, Bunbury, WA 6231, Australia; gwhite{at}

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Sports Doctors Australia have compiled this issue to highlight the fact that several important aspects of clinical practice in sports and exercise medicine remain unresolved and confused. Changes in ‘evidence’ can occur abruptly so that clinical practise becomes confused and confusing. Not only do clinicians feel confused about change, but imagine the plight of the patients, who get different advice from different people. There is significant concern that this will show exercise and sports medicine to have less credibility than other areas of medicine.

Dr Lorenzo Masci (see page 1030) comments on the state of play with tendinopathy research and clinical application. It is thought provoking and a great example of the evolution of research and practice in tendinopathy diagnosis and management. Mr Jorgen Jevne (see page 1031) presents a similarly passionate editorial …

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