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4th Congress of the European College of Sports & Exercise Physicians (ECOSEP) scores goals! Opportunities for specialists, trainees, and students in many countries
  1. Nikos Malliaropoulos1,
  2. Heinz Lohrer2,
  3. Amir Pakravan3,
  4. Nat Padhiar4
  1. 1Sports and Exercise Medicine Clinic, Thessaloniki, Greece
  2. 2Institute for Sports Medicine Frankfurt am Main, Otto-Fleck-Schneise 10, 60528 Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  3. 3Addenbrooke's Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - Rheumatology/Sports Medicine, Hills Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 0QQ, United Kingdom
  4. 4European SportsCare, 68 Harley Street, London, United Kingdom
  1. Corresponding to Dr Nikos Malliaropoulos, G.Seferi 34, 54250, Thessaloniki, Greece; contact{at}

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The European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians (ECOSEP) is a specialty society of physician members within the European community. Our clear mission is to: (1) advance the competence of sports physicians via continuing medical education and research, (2) collaborate with other sports medicine organizations, and (3) provide reputable information to the public.

This issue – leg pain, concussion, osteoarthritis and more!

As one of BJSM's 23 member societies we shaped this final issue of 2015. In our editorial on the challenges of managing exercise induced leg pain (see page 1546), we draw attention to the fairly basic unanswered questions. There remains debate about its nomenclature, diagnosis, natural history and treatment options. Other that just that, it's well understood! Therefore, we call for an international consensus meeting.

One area where an international consensus meeting has made a major difference to management is concussion in sport.1 As 2015 draws to a close, a Hollywood blockbuster – ‘Concussion’ – will be on the big screen near you. In this ECOSEP issue, Mrazik and colleagues (see page 1548) review the evidence that education can affect the likelihood of suffering concussion and returning successfully to play.

An authoritative Cochrane review highlights that exercise is an evidence-based prescription for knee osteoarthritis (see page 1554). We also chose the review of K-tape because doctors are often asked whether this is a valid adjunct to treatment or not (see page 1558).

ECOSEP—the pan-European specialist sports medicine group welcomes you!

Symbolising the importance of cooperation, the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. Today, EU countries are working together to support unfortunate refugees. Sports and exercise medicine bodies have a much, much, easier task and must collaborate for patients' benefit. Common scientific and educational standards have to be developed to promote a high level of practical skills.

Have you considered the benefits of ECOSEP?

ECOSEP members gain at least 7 benefits. You belong to a sports and exercise medicine centers network, get discounted quality education and CPD through major congresses (eg, Muscle Tech Network, ECOSEP Congress) as well as sports and exercise medicine courses such as the sports on field trauma emergencies (SOFTE) course. You have the opportunity to contribute to research involving various nations. Of course all ECOSEP members have online BJSM access. If you have not sampled any podcasts check this link ( – over 650,000 listeners can't be wrong!

ECOSEP also nurtures sports and exercise medicine's future generations

ECOSEP also welcomes medical students and junior doctors who wish to specialise in our growing and important specialty. ECOSEP aims to facilitate personalised mentorship, shadowing experience, electives, research involvement as well as pre- and post-graduate events.

The ECOSEP/Bauerfeind Traveling Fellowship Program 2011–15 has been a great success and you can apply for 2016 on the website ( We featured this in last year's ECOSEP issue of BJSM2 The successful candidate will visit many leading European Sports Medicine Centres which may include London Sports Care–London Independent Hospital, Institute for Sports Medicine (SMI), European Sports Care Frankfurt am Main, High Performance Center (CAR of Sant Cugat-Consorci Sanitari of Terrassa University of Barcelona), Isokinetic Medical Group Bologna, National Track & Field Centre, Sports Medicine Clinic SEGAS., Thessaloniki, Greece.

4th ECOSEP Congress (Barcelona 2015)

“The best option to abuse a world famous football stadium”

The dream of all footballers around the world to play one time in the famous FC Barcelona stadium was recently fulfilled for many Sports and Exercise physicians. From 7th to 9th October 2015 the 4th ECOSEP (European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians) Congress combined with the 7th Muscle Tech Network Workshop was held in Barcelona. The event was organised by the FC Barcelona Medical Team, Muscle Tech Network, ECOSEP, and Aspetar. The specific highlight for the speakers and delegates was that the plenary sessions were held inside Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium (featured on the cover of this ECOSEP issue). In the biggest football stadium in Europe (capacity of 99,354 seats), more than 400 delegates from the world over celebrated discoveries in ‘Tendon and Muscle’ for three intense days. The speakers represented the ‘Who's who’ of the sports medicine and physiotherapy world.


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