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Track My Health: a mobile application that allows patients to monitor their health
  1. Patrick S Tucker,
  2. Aaron T Scanlan,
  3. Vincent J Dalbo
  1. Correspondence to Patrick S Tucker, School of Medical and Applied Sciences, Central Queensland University, Bruce Highway, Building 81, Room 1.11, Rockhampton, QLD 4702, Australia; p.tucker{at}

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Name of the mobile application

Track My Health

Category of the mobile application

Health and Fitness


Requires iOS 6.0 or later



About the app

Track My Health (figure 1) is an application designed to help users record and monitor variables that affect health. Examples of variables that can be recorded and monitored include clinical test results, medications and their dosages, the use of dietary supplements, and information relating to user-implemented lifestyle interventions such as diet or exercise.

Figure 1

Mobile application logo.

Using Conventional Units or International Standard Units, this mobile app stores user-entered information that is partitioned based on a date (in time) nominated by the user (figure 2). This information is then charted on a timeline, allowing the user to view health-related trends for health-related variables such as clinical test results. Graphical representations of stored data are colour-coded based on optimal values for any given marker. Specifically, Track My Health can produce a chart which uses green and red shading in order to illustrate whether certain clinical test results fall within a defined range of optimal or non-optimal levels, respectively (figure 3). This range can be modified by the user in the application settings.

Figure 2

Example of the clinical laboratory values that can be captured (ALT, alanine transaminase; BMI, body mass index; SGPT, serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase).

Figure 3

Example of a chart that can be produced using entered information.

Track My Health also provides relevant background information on health-related variables (eg, cholesterol levels), as well as health-related advice under the ‘Optimizing Health’ tab. This application uses lay language, making the information interpretable for a wide audience. Perhaps the most valuable feature of the Track My Health application is the ability to compare health-related variables before, during, and after the implementation of medications, such as an ACE inhibitor, or lifestyle changes such as chronic aerobic exercise training. By using this feature, users can gain an approximate idea of whether a specific intervention is helpful or detrimental to the health outcome of interest.

Although Track My Health is not freely available and is less comprehensive than some similar applications, such as Apple Health and Microsoft HealthVault, Track My Health has a simple interface that, because of its simplicity, may seem more user-friendly to people who are not especially comfortable with app technology.

Use in clinical practice

Track My Health allows patients to monitor clinical (eg, cholesterol levels) and non-clinical (eg, details pertaining to an exercise regimen) health-related variables. Thus, it is useful in various clinical settings such as exercise physiology clinics or cardiac rehabilitation centres. This application may also be beneficial outside of traditional clinical settings as Track My Health allows users to store and subsequently, monitor health-related variables. In addition, this application allows users to keep track of medications and supplements they are taking, as well as lifestyle interventions they have undertaken, and email relevant information to healthcare professionals.

An inherent risk associated with any health-tracking application is that application users must be aware that information provided by Track My Health is not a substitute for interactions and consultations with medical professionals. In addition, older people who may benefit most from this type of application may also be least comfortable with app technology. Regardless, potential users may find Track My Health easier to use than other similar applications.

All things considered, Track My Health provides a means by which app users can monitor health-related variables in an attractive and user-friendly format. Moreover, Track My Health offers potential for better, more comprehensive health-related communication between application users and their healthcare providers.


  • This application has an attractive interface that presents data in a format that is easy to follow.

  • This application uses lay language

  • Users can compile a longitudinal record of clinical test results, medications, supplements, and lifestyle interventions

  • This application offers advice on ways to improve health-related markers

  • As a means of technical support, this application has an associated website that provides helpful information such as a tutorial and frequently asked questions


  • This application is fairly expensive, relative to other applications

  • Laboratory tests that are not already programmed in the application software cannot be added by the user

  • Currently, this application is only available on Apple devices

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