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Andrew Murray
  1. Johann Windt
  1. Correspondence to Johann Windt, Department of Experimental Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z 1M9 Canada; johannwindt{at}

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Most memorable sporting moment you've witnessed/been part of?

I worked at the North Pole one year when William Tan completed a marathon, in a wheelchair in the North Pole. I must admit I didn't think he could do it—which taught me to be as resilient as hell, and find a way to get ‘it’ done—whatever the task in front of you. Also Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup both at home in Scotland 2014.

Letter to a high school version of yourself, what would it say?

Listen more, don't be in such a rush. Also, your mullet with the dyed blonde bit at the back is ridiculous and all your friends are right. Cut it off!

One skill that's served you the most in your career?

Resilience. Find a way to get it done.

Worst injury you've either treated or sustained yourself?

I broke both my arms. That made visits to the bathroom a lot harder.

What have proven to be good ‘career moves’ (by accident or by design)?

By accident—I once ran 4300 km from far north Scotland to the Sahara desert. It was just to raise a bit of cash for charity, and to see the sights. But half way there I remember reading the ‘Fat and fit’ editorial in BJSM and started promoting physical activity as part of the run. Both the relevant minister and our Chief Medical Officer watched a TV programme that …

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