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‘Big Five’ of sports medicine: preparation, teamwork, passion, mentorship and collaboration
  1. Jonathan A Drezner
  1. Correspondence to Dr Jonathan A Drezner, Department of Family Medicine, Center for Sports Cardiology, University of Washington, Box 354060, Seattle, WA 98195, USA; jdrezner{at}

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As BJSM Senior Associate Editor for Sports Cardiology since 2008, I have witnessed our discipline of sports medicine come of age. BJSM's goal of helping to unite our field is coming into sight, and the world of sports medicine has never felt closer. As I write this, 23 BJSM affiliated societies from 16 countries are celebrated on a prominent international stage. Collaboration among countries has become both the norm and the foundation of new learning, strategic partnerships and key initiatives for athlete safety and health promotion.

‘Big Five’

The power of international collaboration was on prominent display at the recent South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA) conference where Congress Convenor Dr Jon Patricios and SASMA President-elect Dr Phatho Zondi combined gracious South African hospitality with a premier scientific programme to inspire sports medicine professionals at every level.

I was honoured to participate in the SASMA congress and am grateful for my entire experience; undoubtedly a professional highlight and …

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