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  1. EM Mullally,
  2. CM King,
  3. SC Davies,
  4. AM Mooney,
  5. NC Clark
  1. Knee Injury Control and Clinical Advancement (KICCA) Research Group, St Mary's University, England


Noncontact knee injuries are common in netball and can result in major disability and socioeconomic burden. Different types of single-leg balance (SLB) and single-leg hop (SLH) test have been widely used in a variety of knee sports medicine contexts. Knowledge of SLB and SLH test performance can help inform the clinician regarding an athlete's risk of knee injury. There is, however, a gap in the scientific literature regarding SLB and SLH test performance in adult netball players. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to describe pre-season performance of a battery of SLB and SLH tests considered clinically important in knee injury control in an English adult netball club. The Illinois Agility Test (IAT) was also performed to represent netball-related agility. After university ethics approval was obtained and informed consent completed, 23 female netball players participated (mean±standard deviation (SD): age 29±6 y; height 171.6±7.0 cm; mass 68.2±9.8 kg; defence n=10; centre n=2; attack n=11). All reported being uninjured, available for selection and registered for pre-season training. Test order was: barefoot eyes closed balance (ECB; sec), shod triple hop for distance (THD; cm), single hop for distance (SHD; cm) and vertical hop (VH; cm). Leg order was right (R), left (L). The IAT was conducted last. Practice trials and then three measured trials were performed. Appropriate between-trial rest periods were ensured. All tests have previously reported reliability. The mean of measured trials was used for descriptive statistics. All players successfully completed all tests. Mean±SD values were: ECB, R 22.5±15.8 s, L 29.6±15.5 s; THD, R 463.1±53.2 cm, L 464.6±38.7 cm; SHD, R 167.0±18.0 cm, L 166.4±15.7 cm; VH, R 20.0±3.7 cm, L 19.5±3.1 cm; IAT, 19.5±1.3 sec. Across all tests, mean data were comparable to mean data published by other research groups for females of similar age playing in other agility-focused team sports at similar levels of competition. Because the present data were comparable to data from other research groups, the present data were accepted and corroborated as a representation of the motor performances contained within each of the tests. The present and new data can, therefore, be used at several points during the knee injury control decision-making process for adult female netball players.

  • Sports medicine

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