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You have heard of CONSORT, you have heard of PRISMA. Now, a template for reporting exercise trials (CERT)
  1. Karim Khan
  1. Correspondence to Dr Karim Khan, The University of British Columbia, Dept of Family Practice, UBC, Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z3; karim.khan{at}

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How should exercise trials be reported? Dr Susan Slade publishes the answer in the free access paper coining the term ‘CERT’—Consensus on Exercise Reporting Template (see page 1428). Such pioneering work is not likely to be set in stone for the next decade. Let's hear your feedback via the various channels by which you can engage with BJSM. We revel in criticism, as you know (a quote from the BMJ's Dr Fiona Godlee). It's the way the field advances.


You'll see that resistance training ameliorates lung function and hypertension in the setting of obese participants. (see page 1438). A second resistance training paper focuses on resistance training …

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