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Jill Cook
  1. Johann Windt
  1. Correspondence to Johann Windt, Experimental Medicine Program, University of British Columbia, 2635 Laurel Street, Vancouver, Canada V5Z 1M9; johannwindt{at}

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If you could write a letter to a high school version of yourself, what would it say?

Try to develop confidence in yourself before you are 50!

What do you think is your most valuable contribution to the field?

Research that helps clinicians better manage tendinopathy—research that is edgy and novel rather than easy and mundane.

Who is your hero?

I have a couple—for absolute productivity, ability to contribute to many areas of research, clinical practice and research dissemination. They know who they are.

Skill that has served you the most in your career?

Treat everyone equally and respectfully unless they give you a good reason not to.

An example of what has proven to be a good ‘career move’?

Continuing to consult clinically in the area I research. Doing so has kept me grounded (outliers exist) and fuelled future research.

Best career advice for upcoming sports medicine professionals?

Have a go, take a risk and take every opportunity presented to you. You do not know where it will lead you.

Favourite way to stay physically active?

Anything and everything that I can manage on ageing limbs. I have recently taken up Latin dancing that is challenging …

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