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Back pain, tendons, Tiger Woods: all grist for the mill for sports medicine clinicians
  1. Gavan White
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Sports Doctors Australia is proud to be in its fourth year as one of BJSM's 23 member societies. This issue will touch a chord—pleasant or unpleasant—with most primary care practitioners. Clinicians are well aware of the inability to change the course of chronic low back pain in many people. When yet another patient comes in with persisting back pain, it may trigger a heart-sinking response or be seen as a challenge.

Back pain—are we making progress?

For a long time, we clinicians have tried to attack this problem through the reductionist model, believing that the more we understand about the cause of the pain, the more likely we were to improve the outcomes. Jørgen Jevne (see page 198) editorialises where we have gone wrong in our approach to finding a structural cause to treat to help these people. It is time for us to stand back and take a more holistic approach to managing back pain.

Fleshing out this point—that some long-held recommendations may not be based on …

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