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Making every contact count for physical activity—for tomorrow's patients: the launch of the interdisciplinary, undergraduate, resources on exercise medicine and health in the UK
  1. Ann B Gates
  1. Correspondence to Ann Bernadette Gates, ann{at}

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In 2014, we reported a game-changing initiative to provide all UK, undergraduate medical schools, with a curricula and free resources on exercise medicine in the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases.1 The second phase of this philanthropic project, sees the September 2015 launch of: an interdisciplinary, undergraduate, curricula and resources. This now raises the game for all healthcare professionals.

These latest, completely revised resources, now include: pregnancy, osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis/sarcopenia, falls prevention and motivational interviewing, in addition to 14 presentations and a textual module, covering chronic diseases, surgery and exercise. These new teaching materials supersede all previous versions. They are valid for 3 years, and will be updated annually, by the international team of contributors and, when the national and international physical activity guidelines are revised.

This global, interdisciplinary resource has been evaluated by 29 national and international, multidisciplinary, expert reviewers whose median rating was 8/10: excellent. The University of Nottingham, School of Health Sciences, led the evaluation (P Callaghan. The University of Nottingham, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, UK; personal communication).

The resources are available, free, only to undergraduate schools of medicine and health sciences, in the UK and worldwide. All student: doctors, nurses, midwives and all allied health professionals should be able to access the content via their University (contact for access details).

A series of questions on the role of exercise medicine in the prevention and treatment of ill health is undergoing a quality assurance process by the Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance for inclusion into the national multiple choice question (MCQ) question bank, for finals examination, for the undergraduate medical degree. This means that all UK medical schools, will be able to access finals’ examination questions on exercise medicine and health. To the best of our knowledge, this is a world first!

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