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Fitness Test Pro: a one-stop application to assess cardiorespiratory fitness
  1. Aaron T Scanlan,
  2. Patrick S Tucker,
  3. Robert Stanton,
  4. Vincent J Dalbo
  1. School of Medical and Applied Sciences, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
  1. Correspondence to Dr Aaron T Scanlan, School of Medical and Applied Sciences, Central Queensland University, Building 81/1.12, Bruce Highway, Rockhampton, QLD 4702, Australia; a.scanlan{at}

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Name of the mobile application

Fitness Test Pro

Category of the mobile application

Fitness or health


Apple (iOS 4.3 or later); Android (V.2.2 and up)



About the application

Fitness Test Pro permits users to conduct a range of cardiorespiratory fitness assessments outside of laboratory settings. Users can directly record and store performance data related to commonly used cardiorespiratory tests related to running (Cooper test, Bruce treadmill test, 20 m multistage fitness test, Andersen test and a variable Any distance run test), cycling (Watt max bicycle test, Astrand-Rhyming cycle test and Two-stage bicycle test) and step/walking categories (Danish step test and One-mile walk test) (figure 1). The reliability1 ,2 and validity2 ,3 of many of these tests have been published.

Figure 1

The Fitness Test Pro menu, including the selection of running tests.

Fitness Test Pro uses demographic (age, gender, body mass and height), distance, time and heart rate data to …

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