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Making sense of the noise?
  1. Stephen Aspinall
  1. Correspondence to Stephen Aspinall, BASRaT, School of Health Sciences, University of Salford, Manchester M6 6PU, UK; s.j.aspinall{at}

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Separating the noise from the clinical pearls

We are bombarded with information on a daily basis and clinicians subscribe to multiple information sources; some are more opinion-based and author-biased and others more rooted in hard to understand academia with sometimes unfathomable practical applications. The multiple professions and variety of researchers that form the BJSM community offer a refreshing platform for making some sense of the vast amounts of information on offer.

The multichannel BJSM content helps us focus on what is important and even if it does not always give us the answers we want, it gives us direction and helps us to understand the questions we need to ask. Systematic review hacks for the sports and exercise clinician (see page 447) by Dr Clare Ardern is a ‘go to’ piece for many practitioners, especially those working alone or in …

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