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O-33 Futsal and injuries among recreational sport participants: a prospective field study
  1. Bahareh Tavana1,2,
  2. Ruhollah Nourian1,
  3. Amir-Hossein Memari1,
  4. Pardis Noormohammadpour1,2,
  5. Ramin Kordi 1,2
  1. 1Sports Medicine Research Centre, Neuroscience Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
  2. 2Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine, School of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran


Background Recently, there is an increasing interest in examining sports injuries among participants of recreational sports. However little data is available about injury rate in Futsal as a popular recreation Worldwide.1–4

Objective The purpose of this study was to analyseanalyze the incidence and characteristics of injuries recorded in a large recreational centre over a 1-year period.

Methods In a prospective design, all injuries in a total of 88 matches of recreational Futsal in 2014–2015 were recorded. A standard questionnaire on injury characteristics was filled for each injured player. Injury rate was calculated as the total number of injuries divided by total player-time (/hour-player).

The average time of each match was 90 minutes in duration. Continuous variables were presented in mean (SD) and countable ones were summarised as numbers (percentage).

Results A total of 14 injuries (in 13 individuals) were reported in 1185 player records during 88 matches. The injury rate was estimated 1 in 12500 hour-player. Mean and SD of the age and BMI of injured players were 30.38 (9.1) and 25.09 (4.3) respectively. In total of 13 players, 5 (38.5%) were left leg dominant. On site of injury, 4 (28.6%) of injuries were in upper extremity, 9 (64.3%) in lower extremity and 1 (7.1%) in chest wall.

About the type of injury, 5 (35.7%) were abrasion or contusion and the rest were more serious injuries including dislocation, fracture, ligament tearing, sprains and strain.

Further analysis showed that 10 (71.4%) did not have a history of previous injury at the same site. To address the mechanisms of injury, 12 (85.7%) of injuries were traumatic while the others were overuse injuries; also 7 (53.8%) were due to player-player and 3 (23.1%) were due to player-ground contact. Finally overall missed playing days due to injury was 16 (17.02) days among injured participants.

Conclusion Findings showed that injuries were not uncommon among Futsal recreational sport participants. Expectedly the lower extremity was the most likely site of injury followed by upper extremity and trunk. Unfortunately these injuries may be usually grave in nature. Furthermore, most of recreational sport injuries were related to traumatic contacts with opponent players. Finally our data indicated that recreational sport injuries could lead to missing opportunities for participation in recreational activities.

Acknowledgment This study was funded and supported by Tehran University of Medical Sciences & health Services grant [Grant No. 88-03-53-9298].


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  • Recreational
  • Futsal
  • Athlete
  • Sport
  • Injury.

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