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O-41 Determination of maximal oxygen uptake through a new basketball-specific field test
  1. Ersen Adsiz1,
  2. Gulbin Rudrali Nalcakan2,
  3. S Rana Varol2,
  4. Faik Vural2
  1. 1Ege University, Institution of Health Science, Sport Science Doctorate Program, Izmir – Turkiye
  2. 2Ege University, Faculty of Sport Science, Department of Coaching Education, Izmir – Turkiye


Objectives The aim of this study was to develop a new “basketball specific field test” that determines the maximal oxygen uptake indirectly and to determine reliability and validity of the test for measuring aerobic power.

Methods A total of 1.5 mile (2240 m) -aerobic endurance test on a basketball court including the side steps on the three-point line and running on the side-line was designed to be completed as soon as possible. Healthy, 15 years old, 11 male basketball players’ (training background is 5.18 years, body mass 84.4 kg, height 190.3 cm) participated.

Results Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) levels measured directly in the laboratory as gold standard test showed a significant negative correlation with the duration of basketball-specific field test (r = −0.705, p = 0.015). The regression analysis through a new “basketball-specific field test” proved moderate validity (r = 0.390), then regression formula was developed to estimate VO2max level: VO2max = 122.617 – 5.461 x [basketball-specific field test duration (min)]. Reliability was evaluated by test-retest method, there was no difference between duration of a new “basketball specific field test” (p > 0.05) repeated at intervals and it showed high reliability (% CV: 8.81 and ICC: 0.90).

Conclusions A new “basketball specific field test”, which proved reliability and validity to measure aerobic power indirectly, may be considered to help coaches and athletes by means of its properties which ensure easy and practical application by using simple basketball-specific movements in basketball courts, not to require expensive equipment and specialist staff, and not to have any health risks.

  • basketball
  • field test
  • reliability
  • validity
  • VO2max

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