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O-47 Ergospirometry as a part of a modern diagnostic testing in serbian elite basketball players
  1. Tamara Gavrilovic,
  2. Jadranka Plavsic,
  3. Sanja Mirkovic,
  4. Milena Antic
  1. Department of Sport Medicine and Psychology, Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine Serbia


Aim The variety of individual basketball position shows that the determination of certain parameters such as aerobic and anaerobic threshold metabolic testing method helps to improve some parameters and sport performance.

Basketball is a sport that requires a certain level of skills at both the individual and group level.

This is a sport in which there is a constant change of rhythm, requiring a high level of aerobic power

(because it allows training that lasts longer and on an elite level) as well as anaerobic power but also incorporates muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

The aim is to determine the ergospirometric parameters (VO2 max, levels of aerobic and anaerobic threshold) using one of the modified protocols for testing to assess current level of physical fitness and training prior to entering the competition season.

Methods The total number of participants is 68 players (junior teams of Serbia), 15 to 18 years of age, body weight (range 66.3 kg/110.7 kg), body height (range 180 cm/213 cm), BMI (range 18.17/26.8 kg m-²).

Ergospirometric parameters were examined in our laboratory for functional diagnostic:

VO2max (ml/min/kg), HR VAT (RER ∼ 1), HR AT, RER max, AT HR (% HRmax) and compared among players of same and different team position.

The test of maximum oxygen consumption was performed using a Treadmill T200 Cosmed, using

method breath by breath pulmonary gas exchange (O2, CO2 and Quark CPET, COSMED).

To assess VO2max we used Shvartz E. Reinbold RC (1990) tables for an adequate age (grades 1 to 7, as required by the tables).

Results Maximum oxygen consumption by player position shows that it is the largest in positions 1 and 2 (as shown in the chart). VO2 (ml/min/kg) ranges between 44.55 - 52.85 (the highest in the point guard position (1), slightly lower for shooting guard (2), small forward (3) and power forwards (4) and the lowest in the centres (5).

Conclusion By determining VO2max metabolic testing methods come to the conclusion that the players are currently estimated as follows:

• moderate/average/good (grade 3 to 5 per Shvartz E.Rainbold RC) between the ages of 15 and 17 years

• good/excellent (grade 4 to 5 per Shvartz E.Rainbold RC) at 18 years and by playing position, they are estimated by the following marks:

4 to 5 position point guard and shooting guard

3 to 5 at the small forward and power forwards position

2 to 4 at the centre position as the current and real value of positions that are played in the national team (keeping in mind the characteristics of the sport).

Assessment of current level of physical fitness and training of basketball players shows that junior player fitness level can be categorised based on position on the team but also can be improve with professional training approach. Future studies should explore possibility of individual approach in relation to the requirements of the position they have in the team.

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