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O-7 Sports dentistry and athletes’ health and performance
  1. Athanasios Stamos1,
  2. Dimitris Tsachalinas2
  1. 1European Association for Sports Dentistry, Greece
  2. 2European Association for Sports Dentistry, Greece


Objectives The objective of this study was to record the oral health of professional football players of 3 different football teams and reveal its relation with their overall health and performance.

Methods Three (3) different football teams players were examined during the period 2012–2016. The examination of their oral health was recorded on the European Association for Sports Dentistry official Dental Examination Protocol, which includes a personal questionnaire and record of DMFT index (Decayed-Missing-Filled Teeth), PI index (Quinley & Hein plague index), GI index (Loe & Silness gingival index), PPD index (Periodontal Pocket Depth index), DMET index (Decayed-Missing-Extraction needed Teeth) and oral cavity soft tissues examination (palate, tongue)

Results The players present DMFT score 5,7, PI score 1,6, GI score 1,3, PPD score 3,1, DMET score 2,9. Overall, according the results, the players can be divided into 3 separate groups: 1) a 30% healthy group, 2) a 40% group which needs immediate dental treatment, 3) a 30% group of dental emergencies which represents a high risk of systemic disease, thus risk of their overall health and performance. The high incidence of dental caries and periodontitis in young individuals (age 17–35) constitute an alerting condition which is disproportionate to their young age. In addition, dental occlusion and TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint) pathologies recorded influence the body’s muscle system function, the posture and the plantar arch. Their diet, rich in carbohydrates and proteins decreases the oral cavity pH in a range much lower than the physiologic 5,5 and increases the incidence of teeth erosion and abrasion.

Conclusion Elite and professional football players, despite the constant and regular medical treatments and follow-ups, present a high incidence of caries and periodontal disease. The vast majority of them is not informed about their oral health, does not consult a dentist, does not proceed with dental treatments. Oral pathological conditions which is mostly of a chronic character, influence directly the overall health, outcome of myoskeletal injury treatments and the performance of the players. Oral health is directly influencing the overall health of athletes.


  1. Gay–Escoba C, Vieira-Duarte-Pereira DM, Ardevol J, et al. Study of the effect of oral health on physical condition of professional soccer players of the Football Club Barcelona. Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal 2011;16:E436–9.

  2. Needleman I, Ashley P, Fine P, et al. Oral health and elite sport performance. Br J Sports Med 2015;49:3–6.

  • Oral Health
  • Overall Athletes Health
  • Performance

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