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P-15 Features of cerebral hemodynamics in boxers with repeated traumatic brain injuries
  1. I Dekhtiarov1,
  2. A Muravskiy2
  1. Ukranian Medical Centre of Sport Medicine Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education named after P.L. Shupyk, Kyiv, Ukraine


Objective To explore the features of cerebral hemodynamics in boxers with repeated traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Materials and methods We conducted ultrasound of vessels of head and neck of 156 boxers aged 17 to 42 years, who had history of repeated mild TBI. In the control group, we examined 30 healthy people of similar age. Patients were analysed according to gender, weight category, the number of matches.

Results Increased diameter of extracranial vessels, the incidence of deformation of the vertebral artery (V2 segment), venous disorders, vasospasm were detected in boxers. Mainly, the increase of blood flow velocity was found in the extracranial parts of carotid artery and decrease on vertebrobasilar (VBB) pool. In the intracranial portion of carotid artery, there was a reduction of blood flow velocity. Most boxers had signs of venous circulatory distress in the form of a deviation of the speed indicators in the internal jugular vein and the veins of Rosenthal.

Conclusions In boxers who had history of repeated mild TBI, there were haemodynamic disturbances. Vessel deformation, increased diameter of extracranial vessels, changes in blood flow through the vessels of the carotid and VBB pools, deviations of indicators of vascular tone, venous disorders were the common findings when compared to control group.

  • traumatic brain injury
  • boxer
  • ultrasound of the blood vessels of the head and neck

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