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P-49 Estimation of total daily energy expenditure in athletes using accelerometry as an additional diagnostic tool
  1. Ivan Nikolic,
  2. Tamara Stojmenovic,
  3. Marija Kostic-Vucicevic
  1. Sports medicine association of Serbia, SERBIA


Aim Physical activity (PA) can be estimated using self-reported forms and using objective methods. Accelerometry is one of the means of objective measure. There is increasing number of papers researching PA In various populations (children, adolescents, adults and seniors) and among different professions (mainly those that require daily physical exertion as law enforcement, military, etc.). There are fewer papers that analyse PE in sports. Sports population covers wide age and total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) profile.

Methods We have analysed 12 athletes that were undergoing dietary intervention. Their sport field were tennis, athletics, free climbing, kayak, box and martial arts. TDEE was estimated using self-reported PA questionnaire. Wrist-worn accelerometer was used (GENEactive) worn on non-dominant hand for 5-7 consecutive days, then the data was processed using manufacturer’s guidelines. Data from the questionnaire were calculated according to Compendium of PA of State University of Arizona and compared to accelerometry.

Results Mean age was 22.5 ( ± 9). Mean TDEE was 2907 kcal ( ± 550 kcal) using questionnaire and 3039 kcal ( ± 1002 kcal) using accelerometry. Results did not not statistically significant differ among methods.

Conclusion More research on this topic is needed. Accelerometry using GENEActive device could be a useful addition to the standard diagnostic tools.


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  2. Joegensen T, Andersen L, Froberg K, Maeder U, Smith Huth L, Aadahl M. Testing physical condition in a population – how good are the methods. European Journal of Sport Science 2009 9(5):257–267

  • accelerometry
  • GENEActive
  • total daily energy expenditure

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