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P-78 Influence of different intensities of resistance training on strength, anaerobic power and explosive power among males
  1. Kaukab Azeem
  1. Physical Education Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia


The basic principles of the weight training are also identical to the strength training and training aims to reach the specific goals like strength, muscular endurance, and muscular size (1), enlighten that the muscular strength includes a range of training modalities, including body weight exercises, elastic bands, plyometric exercises for (upper and lower body), multi machines, free weight machines and hydraulic machines.

The purpose of this study was to find out the influence of different intensities of resistance training on strength, anaerobic power and explosive power among males.

For this study a group of Sixty (60) male’s non-sports men were selected. Experimental group ‘A’ (N = 30) and control group ‘B’ (N = 30) age ranging between 19 to 25 years were selected randomly from the Telangana, India for this study. To compare the mean differences between the groups, mean, S.D and t-tests were computed using Statistical Software. The tests considered for this study was maximum strength (1 RM Bench press), anaerobic power (Margaria Kalamen anaerobic test) and flexibility (sit & reach test).

The mean and S.D for maximum strength for experimental group were (36, 7.36) and (51.33, 11.62); control group were (34.66, 6.42) and (34.86, 6.72). Anaerobic power with mean and S.D for experimental group were (94.13, 1.06) and (96.53, 1.13) and for control group were (94.07, 0.6) and (94.20, 0.7). With regard to sit and reach test the mean and S.D for the experimental group were (18.33, 7.26) and (24.60, 6.5) and for control group were (18.23, 7.79) and (18.26, 7.81) (3), in his study had mentioned that the effect of weight training has greater effect on the student’s fitness performance (2), in this study reveals that the results of the study with regard to muscular strength has improved significantly after the effect of twelve weeks resistance and free weight training program.

It is concluded that the influence of different intensity of resistance training on selected Strength, Anaerobic power and explosive power among males had shows improved performance from pre to post test, which is significant.


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  • Intensity
  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Performance.

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