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Infographic: Make physical activity a part of daily life at all stages in life: an infographic
  1. A Gates1,
  2. AD Murray2
  1. 1Exercise Works! Derby UK
  2. 2Sport and Exercise, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
  1. Correspondence to Andrew Murray, Sports and Exercise Medicine consultant, Physical Activity for Health Research Centre, 2.33 St Leonard's Land, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK; docandrewmurray{at}

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Make physical activity a part of daily life during all stages of life. That is the clear message from the World Health Organisation in this infographic.

Regular physical activity is a fundamental means of improving people and population's physical and mental health.

It reduces the risks of many non-communicable (NCD) diseases and benefits society by increasing social interaction and community engagement. Physical activity is not just a public health issue; it also promotes the well-being of communities, the protection of the environment, and is an investment in future generations.

Physical activity includes all activities which involve bodily movement and can be accrued through:

  • active travel

  • work and occupation

  • leisure and recreation

  • housework and gardening

This infographic demonstrates that regular physical activity throughout the life-course enables people to live better and longer lives. It inspires people to “make physical activity a part of daily life, during all stages of life”.

What a great call to action!