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Can cognitive recovery time be estimated by clinical recovery time in concussion suffered by soccer athletes?
  1. Moacir Silva Neto1,
  2. Paulo Teixeira2,
  3. Michael Collins3
  1. 1Center of Preventive and Sports Medicine, Brasilia, Brazil
  2. 2Instituto Wilson Mello, Campinas, Brazil
  3. 3University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, Campinas, Brazil


Objective Determine if there is a correlation between the Clinical Recovery Time (CRT) and the Time from CRT to Cognitive Recovery (CGRT).

Design A non-concurrent cohort study.

Setting Chart review of Soccer Athletes who suffered concussion and were followed in the Concussion Management Program of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre.

Participants 92 charts were reviewed. Average Age was 16.2 (SD=2.7), 62% were females. Both CRT and CGRT were retrieved for 42 athletes.

Outcome measures CRT was determined by the days that were necessary for a list of rated concussion symptoms to be considered normal. Cognitive Recovery Time (CGRT) was determined when the computerised cognitive test used on follow-ups was considered to be back to normal by trained neuropsychologists.

Main results CRT: Median time=23 days. Mean time=42 (SD=53) days (Minimum=1 day and Maximum 231 days). Time from CRT to CGRT: Median time=10 days. Mean time=17.7 (SD=27) days (Minimum=−7 days and Maximum of 157 days). Bivariate correlation of CRT to Time from CRT to CGRT was 0.195 (p=0.216).

Conclusions Both CRT ad CGRT vary a lot among soccer players who suffer concussion. Time from CRT to CGRT didn’t correlate with CRT and can’t be estimated based on CRT. Both CRT and CGRT should be evaluated independently during rehabilitation of concussed soccer athletes.

Competing interests None.

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