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Knowledge and practice habits of hospital doctors who manage sports-related concussion in sri lanka
  1. Chaminda Goonetilleke,
  2. Akbar de Medici,
  3. Courtney Kipps
  1. Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, University College London


Objective To investigate the knowledge and practice habits of hospital doctors who evaluate and treat concussions in Sri Lanka.

Design email questionnaire survey

Setting Emergency departments and surgical wards in hospitals in Sri Lanka

Participants The survey was distributed via email to 400 ED and surgical doctors working in hospital practice in Sri Lanka. Only doctors who routinely deal with sport-related concussion were included. Doctors who did not manage concussion were excluded.

Outcome measures Survey analysis of concussion knowledge and management habits.

Main results 88 surveys from doctors who met the inclusion criteria were returned completed. Respondents answered a mean 72.9% of the concussion signs and symptoms knowledge questions correctly. However only 21 (23%) of doctors surveyed were aware of any concussion management guidelines and 41 (47%) believed that players could resume normal training once they were symptom-free. 71 (80.7%) respondents believed that wearing headgear could help prevent concussion. There was no significant difference in concussion knowledge between consultants and non-consultant grades (p=0.5).

23/88 respondents said they have been pressurised (by the injured player (n=14), coach or manager (13), other players (5), parents (4), other administrators (8)) to return to play early.

Conclusions ED and surgical doctors in Sri Lanka have a moderate level of knowledge of sports-related concussion, however few are aware of concussion management guidelines and many continue to adhere to outdated advice. This is the first such survey in Sri Lanka and demonstrates a need for additional sports concussion education.

Competing interests None.

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