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Evert Verhagen
  1. Johann Windt
  1. Correspondence to Johann Windt, Experimental Medicine Program; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5Z 1M9; johannwindt{at}

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Average weekday morning?

Pretty basic. Early start—90 min train ride to work (Vrei University)—so it is shower, gulp down of coffee and out the door by 6. Yes, I skip breakfast.

Fondest career memory?

Every time a PhD trainee successfully defends his or her thesis is a new equally fond memory (11 so far).

Most memorable sporting moment?

That must be the first time I outran my father in a race. There was an unforgettable look on his face. A look of defeat and grudge while at the same time being proud of his little boy.

Most valuable contribution to the field so far?

My work on prevention of ankle injuries and injuries in children has contributed in a way, but a small piece of a larger puzzle. I hope to be able to contribute with a larger piece somewhere in the future.

Attributes younger professionals should strive for?

Modesty—humility, let folks find out what you have done, do not spell it out for them. It carries more weight that way.

Worst injury?

My parents always joked that they required a season pass to the emergency room with me as their son. Yet my worst injury was Osgood-Schlatter disease that forced me to give up high-level athletics at the age of 18.

Examples of what have proven to be good ‘career moves’?

In 2006 I …

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