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Just five words… ‘How physically active are you?’
  1. Abigail Guerrier Sadler
  1. Correspondence to Abigail Guerrier Sadler, Cardiff University School of Medicine, Centre for Medical Education Cochrane, Cardiff, CF14 4YU, UK; guerriersadlera{at}

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I have read with interest articles published by British Journal of Sports Medicine in recent years highlighting the need for greater emphasis on physical activity (PA) in medical student curricula.1 2 Physical inactivity debilitates the nation and puts pressure on the UK National Health Service (NHS).3 PA reduces type 2 diabetes risk, cardiovascular disease and obesity, as well as improves mental well-being.4 5 Despite the importance of regular PA, it is not routinely included in health conversations with patients. I agree with Osborne et al 1 that medical school should provide students with the skills to discuss and advise patients on PA, but this should extend to …

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