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‘Keeping you active’: the Australasian college of sport and exercise physicians
  1. Hamish R Osborne
  1. Correspondence to Dr Hamish R Osborne, Department of Medicine, Otago Medical School, University of Otago, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand; hamish.osborne{at}

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Welcome to the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians’ (ACSEP) issue of BJSM. You will not find any #fakenews in this edition but you will find a report of fake treatments still being used to treat conditions related to obesity and plenty of updates on physical activity in relation to obesity related conditions, women and children.

I’m constantly challenged by trying to work out if my patient has completed their rehab—are they now normal? Is their fitness normal? I often go on return of full function, absence of pain and heaps of strength they did not have before—enough that it fits comfortably in the safe part of the workload model (see page 1559). I would love to have normative data like we now have for the 20 m shuttle run, so I can show my patients where they fit on the spectrum. How great is it that we can now help use normative fitness data to help map health and plan future trajectories of fitness and health in our younger population? …

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