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Hans Tol #PromiseAndDeliver #ToughBrainyStraightforward
  1. Johann Windt
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Fondest career memory?

My first trip as a young sports medicine trainee to the Intercontinental Baseball Cup in Havana, Cuba. It was my very first baseball game, the first time I had to deal with an on-field artery injury and I even rescheduled my PhD defence because I felt that the trip was more valuable than the defence.

Letter to a high school version of yourself, what would it say?

Dear Hans, I know your parents emphasised the value of attending classes, but I fully agree that surviving in elite youth football has probably given you more skills.

Most memorable sporting moment?

Without any doubt, the Euro 1988 soccer final between Russia and The Netherlands. Watched the game in a dark room with sunglasses (because of a severe concussion) and just remember the incredible goal of Van Basten (in case you don’t recall, Netherlands won 2–0).

Most valuable contribution to the field?

On a macrolevel there is no valuable contribution, but on a microlevel I hope that I motivated some young PhDs, given them freedom and responsibility, assisted them on their way to personal success.

Career advice for upcoming sports medicine professionals?

Five golden tips that were useful during my traineeship:

  1. It is all about the numbers. See as many as …

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