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  1. Jari Parkkari,
  2. Kati Pasanen,
  3. Anne-Mari Jussila,
  4. Raija Oksanen,
  5. Anna Ojala,
  6. Katariina Autio,
  7. Pekka Kannus
  1. Tampere Research Center of Sports Medicine, UKK Institute, Tampere, Finland


    Background The number of sports injuries has increased in Finland during the past decades. In 2009 there were 337.000 sport injuries in Finland. Children, youth and especially young men are at high risk.

    Objective The purpose of the LiVE program is to prevent sports injuries in Finland.

    Design Prospective cohort.

    Setting Nationwide injury prevention programme.

    Participants All sports clubs and elementary schools in Finland.

    Interventions Multidisciplinary prevention programme of evidence based methods. Implementation of the national and international study findings are conducted in three main projects; Healthy Athlete (2006–), Safety in School Sports (2010–) and Smart Moves (2014–). The primary target groups are young athletes, their coaches and parents, elementary and vocational school pupils and their teachers. Programs main communication channels are websites:, and

    Main Outcome Measurements Number of sports injuries in Finland.

    Results The program has educated over 80 tutors and 50 sports nutritionist. The Tutor Network and Sport Nutrition Society share the same education materials and injury prevention strategies. Purposes of networks are to implement preventive strategies against sport injuries among target groups by offering education and counselling by local experts. LiVE program has also introduced itself to projects' target groups in numerous events and organized several seminars. LiVE websites and expert intranet offers a large source of information and practical tools. Nationwide number of injuries will be monitored next time in the beginning of the year 2017.

    Conclusions Successful development and implementation of preventive strategies against sports injuries are likely to reduce athletes' health problems, sport, work and school absenteeism, and medical costs. This study shows the that an implementation program can be introduced nationwide. Future studies will determine the effects of the LiVE programme on the number of injuries.

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