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Join the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association in celebrating 15 years of quality education: Bern, November 24th, 2017
  1. Mario Bizzini
  1. Correspondence to Mario Bizzini, Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association, Schulthess Clinic, Lengghalde 2, Zürich 8008, Switzerland; mario.bizzini{at}

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The Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA) will hold its 15th annual conference on 24 November, 2017 in Bern, capital of Switzerland and home of this event since 2005 (figure 1). The goal of SSPA has been to organise a high-quality scientific congress featuring international speakers. The content has been dictated by the conditions that are prevalent in our major sports, and the issues that are relevant to sports physiotherapy. Thus themes have included prevention and rehabilitation of ACL injuries, diagnosis and management of shoulder problems, management of acute hamstring strain and return to sport. In 2017, we focus on tendons. (But that’s not all!)

Figure 1

2003–2017 SSPA conference poster for Bern,24 November, 2017.

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