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P10 4-weeks dynamic balance training fails to improve ankle proprioception
  1. M Cug1,
  2. EA Wikstrom2
  1. 1Department of Physical education and Sports, Cumhuriyet University Sivas, Turkey
  2. 2Department of Exercise and Sport Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, USA


Study Design Randomised controlled trial.

Background While some authors reported significant effect of balance training on proprioception, however the others reported non-significant findings.

Objectives Research shows that balance training can be effective to reduce injuries and improving balance but less is known about the effect of balance training on proprioceptive improvement and the current results are inconclusive regarding the ability of balance training to improve proprioception.

Methods and Measures Twelve men (age: 22.5±4.58 years, height: 181.58±7.57 cm, weight:85.25±10.67 kg, BMI: 25.87±3.01 kg/m2) and 16 women (age: 20.87±3.4 years, height: 164.13±6.15 cm, weight: 63.75±13.3 kg, BMI: 23.53±3.94 kg/m2 ) volunteered to participate in this study. All participants completed 12 supervised balance-training sessions over 4 weeks . Each session consisted of a combination of dynamic unstable-surface tasks that incorporated a BOSU ball and lasted about 30 min . In order to assess the ankle proprioception a passive reproduction of passive positioning protocol was used. Target angles were determined as 10° and 20° of inversion.

Results At the end of 4 weeks dynamic balance training ankle proprioception did not change significantly from pre (100 Inversion: 2.290 ; 200 Inversion: 2.270) to post test (100 Inversion: 2.090 ; 200 Inversion: 2.440), respectively.

Conclusions The lack of a significant improvement in joint position sense could be due to dose response, and participants characteristic (healthy persons).

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