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P17 Clinical use of the star excursion balance test to assess dynamic postural stability deficits following a lateral ankle sprain in prognosis of chronic ankle instability
  1. AC Gaudet1,
  2. MD Adams1,
  3. AA Giorgianni1,
  4. GK Alcock2,
  5. JP Dickey2
  1. 1School of Physical Therapy, Western University, London, ON, Canada
  2. 2School of Kinesiology, Western University, London ON, Canada


Study Design Systematic Review.

Objective Our objective was to conduct a systematic review of the literature to determine if the Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT) demonstrates equivalent dynamic postural stability deficits post-LAS to those identified in instrumented tests not usually available to clinicians.

Background Identifying postural stability deficits may differentiate those with and without chronic ankle instability (CAI) post-lateral ankle sprain (LAS). Advanced technology-based tests using force plates or kinematic data for postural stability and sensorimotor deficits are validated in patients post-LAS. There is a need for an accessible, non-instrumented test to identify dynamic postural stability deficits and improve assessment, prognosis and prevention of factors leading to CAI.

Methods 11 databases were systematically searched from the earliest record until December 2016 to identify studies of postural stability testing in participants post LAS, utilising instrumented kinetic and/or kinematic data as well as SEBT performance. The QUIPS tool was used to quality rate the reviewed.

Results From the initial 1148 studies, five not previously systematically reviewed met our criteria. Four studies of low overall risk of bias and one of moderate risk conclude that SEBT is valid to identify postural deficits post-LAS.

Conclusion Based on the literature reviewed, SEBT seems to be a practical and valid tool for clinicians to assess postural stability deficits in patients post-LAS.

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