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2 The effect of HMB supplementation in professional soccer players
  1. LF Furquim Leite de Barros,
  2. R Zogaib,
  3. CA Conforti
  1. Santos Futebol Clube, Santos, Brazil


Studies utilising beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) supplementation in trained populations are limited. No studies utilising HMB in professional soccer players have been conducted. The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether HMB supplementation results in a better muscle recovery after professional soccer games in Brazil. Ten professional soccer players were assigned to participate. Plasma CPK was measured as markers of muscle damage following up 48 of a soccer game at Principal Brazilian Soccer League. The results of CPK were compared 10 games before and 10 games after HMB supplementation. The HMB dosage supplemented was 3 g/d during 12 weeks. The CPK was measured in mean 30.89 hours after game. The results showed that CPK increased to a greater extent in 10 games before the HMB supplementation period (mean 812±373) than after the supplementation (718±366), p<0.001. The data were statistically analysed by T- test. Our findings suggest that HMB supplementation appeared to attenuate CPK peak after a professional soccer game.

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