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Infographic: Ankle sprain treatment and prevention timeline
  1. Kasper W Janssen
  1. Department of Sports & Exercise Medicine, Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei (Elite Sports Medicine), Ede, The Netherlands
  1. Correspondence to Kasper W Janssen, Department of Public & Occupational Health, EMGO Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; kasperjanssen{at}

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As most sports medicine practitioners know, evidence of effectiveness does not equal successful implementation. To progress in the field, practical tools are needed to bridge the gap between research and practice.1 To support this process, the Dutch Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine developed a Knowledge Transfer Scheme, integrating existing implementation research frameworks into a tool, which has been developed specifically to bridge the gap between knowledge derived from research on the one side and evidence-based usable information and tools for practice on the other.1 We applied this scheme to interventions preventing ankle ligament injury.

Step 1 in the transfer scheme is to describe the problem in practice. The Knowledge Transfer Group (KTG) determined the following problem as a starting point: …

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