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Alan McCall #FootballScience #aBitWeird
  1. Johann Windt
  1. Correspondence to Johann Windt, Experimental Medicine Program, University of British Columbia, 2635 Laurel Street, Vancouver V5Z 1M9, Canada; johannwindt{at}

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Fondest career memory?

Building a professional football team from scratch with a very small team of people (Archie Fraser, Rob Middleby, Han Berger, Jonathan Crisp). Everything from developing the playing philosophy to scouting/recruiting players, hiring coaches/staff and setting up the club’s medical and science department! It hit me most at my ‘farewell’ dinner—looking around at tables full of players and staff, turning to the Football Director and thinking “We helped build this”. A once in a professional-lifetime experience.

Letter to a high school version of yourself, what would it say?

Enroll in the dance course at school…. it’s free, you’re young, and you’ll learn much easier! If you wait you’ll have to pay money and it won’t be so easy!

Average weekday morning?

Wake up early(ish), shower, meditate/mindfulness, go for a good walk, drink a nice coffee and plan to take over the world/the rest of the day!

Most memorable sporting moment?

Being lucky enough to be part of the Australia National Team at the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Singing the national anthem while standing in the dugout with arms around Aussie friends/colleagues. Even though I am Scottish, I’m also known as Aussie Al by some, so that was quite a patriotic moment for my Aussie side!

Most valuable contribution to the field?

I hope, so far, bringing the field and research closer together. I hope that by giving practitioners a voice I will encourage more meaningful research that …

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