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Epidemiology of injuries in judo: a cross-sectional survey of severe injuries based on time loss and reduction in sporting level


Background Sport injury severity can be detected by duration of time loss and reduction of sporting performance.

Aim To detect injury type-specific time loss duration and sporting performance reduction in judo.

Methods An online survey of active and former judo athletes was conducted (exclusion criterion: incomplete questionnaire). Only injuries causing more than 3 weeks’ time loss were recorded. Athletes classified themselves into performance classes. Injury type-specific frequencies were recorded according to gender, age and performance level. Injury severity was assessed by time loss duration and performance reduction.

Results The study included 4659 athletes (65% male, 38% competitive sports). The most commonly injured body regions were the upper extremity (41%) and the lower extremity (39%). Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures were the most severe injury type (time loss: 4% of cases 3–6 weeks, 6% 6–12 weeks, 26% 3–6 months, 32% 6–9 months, 18% 9–12 months, 14%>12 months; performance reduction: 32% same level, 39% slightly reduced, 24% strongly reduced, 5% stopped judo). The second most severe type of injury was a vertebral disc prolapse (time loss: 26% 3–6 weeks, 31% 6–12 weeks, 20% 3–6 months, 7% 6–9 months, 3% 9–12 months 13%>12 months; reduction of sporting performance: 39% same level, 34% slightly reduced, 20% strongly reduced, 8% stopped judo).

Conclusion Across genders and performance levels, ACL ruptures and vertebral disc prolapses were the most severe injuries with respect to time loss and sporting performance reduction.

  • Sport injuries
  • time loss
  • reduction sporting performance
  • judo

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