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Prevention, diagnosis and management of paediatric ACL injuries
  1. Clare L Ardern1,2,
  2. Guri Ranum Ekås3,4,5,
  3. Hege Grindem6,
  4. Håvard Moksnes4,
  5. Allen Anderson7,
  6. Franck Chotel8,
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  13. Robert F LaPrade17,18,
  14. Michael McNamee19,
  15. Bert Mandelbaum20,
  16. Lyle Micheli15,16,21,
  17. Nicholas G H Mohtadi22,
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  20. Romain Seil25,26,
  21. Rainer Siebold27,28,
  22. Holly J Silvers-Granelli29,
  23. Torbjørn Soligard30,34,
  24. Erik Witvrouw31,
  25. Lars Engebretsen3,4,5,30
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  1. Correspondence to Dr Clare L Ardern, Division of Physiotherapy, Linköping University, Linköping 581 83, Sweden; c.ardern{at}

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