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Infographics and digital resources: an international consensus on golf and health
  1. Andrew D Murray1,2,
  2. Christian J Barton3,4,
  3. Daryll Archibald5,6,
  4. Danny Glover7,
  5. Iain Robert Murray8,9,
  6. Kevin Barker10,
  7. Roger A Hawkes11,12
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  1. Correspondence to Dr Andrew D Murray, Sport and Exercise, Physical Activity for Health Research Centre, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH1 3DG, UK; docandrewmurray{at}

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New knowledge from research findings rarely produces rapid efficient changes in practice.1 Barton and Merolli2 proposed a model which may help improve knowledge translation via the addition of two novel contemporary steps: multimedia creation and subsequent dissemination (see figure 1).

Figure 1

Visual representation of a process to improve knowledge translation based on Barton and Merolli’s model.2

Following this model, we recently produced digital/multimedia resources to help communicate and disseminate the International Consensus on Golf and Health.3

Research completion and publication

A systematic literature review and modified Delphi process underpinned the International Consensus on Golf and Health and this was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2018.3 The Consensus is intended to support (1) golfers and potential golfers; (2) golf facilities and the golf industry; and (3) policy makers to make evidence-informed decisions that can maximise the health benefits of golf and minimise the health risks associated with this sport.

Multimedia creation

Articles containing visual information are …

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