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Infographic: How to maximise your golf performance
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Golf is a hugely popular sport played across the world by people of all ages and abilities and offers a large number of physical and mental health benefits and social opportunities.

The elite amateur and professional game has seen a huge rise in recent years with major golf tours across the world offering hundreds of millions of pounds in prize money every year to increasing numbers of touring professionals. Golf is returning to the Olympics in Rio after more than 100 years as it continues its worldwide growth and appeal.

This year the European Tour will have 47 events at 27 different countries. The difference between winning and losing a golf event or your tour card can often be tiny margins and be worth substantial amounts of money. With weekly worldwide travel to varying time zones, climates and locations combined with the huge physical and mental demands placed upon the modern golfer their preparation and planning is vital and multi-faceted.

The key elements we encourage professional golfers on tour to work on to help maximise their performance in this increasingly competitive environment have been displayed concisely on the accompanying info-graphic. These equally apply to the millions of everyday golfers who are looking to develop and maximize their game.