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C0072 Efficacy of combined treatment with acetic acid iontophoresis and ultrasounds by the application of ultrasound guidance EPI® in the treatment of calcific tendinopathy of the supraspinatus. a case study
  1. Jose Ignacio Molina Caño
  1. Jim Fisioterapia, Madrid, España


Background Tendinosis calcifying rotator cuff is a common and disabling disease, the most frequent Supraspinatus, currently does not exist in the scientific community consensus about treatment with greater therapeutic efficacy.

Therefore in this work, a case that combines two of the physiotherapy applications used in the resolution of that pathology is presented. In the past four years we have applied the combination of physiotherapy treatment described below, with excellent results.

Methods This case concerns a 54-year-old woman who suffers crippling pain in her left shoulder, initially of mechanical characteristics, and almost constant at the time of the appointment with a score of 7/10 on the VAS (visual analogue scale) and 10/10 from throughout the day, occurs with loss of strength and failure in functional activities of daily living. Goniometric messure joint limitation flexed 80°, 75° abducted, and almost abolishing rotational movements. The rate of shoulder pain and disability (SPADI) was also used as a reference. The radiologic study showed calcification in the outer portion of the supraspinatus muscle, confirmed sonographically 11.7 mm by 4.2 mm.

These four parameters were used to assess the efficacy of treatment, verifying the evolution sonographically each week.

The treatment lasted six weeks, each with a EPI ecoguide, and two Iontophoresis patch applications with 5% acetic acid, followed by ultrasound at 24 hours.

Results The improvement at the end of treatment was 95% according to the test SPADI, EVA 0/10 recovering patient full mobility. Calcification, radiological and ultrasound practically disappeared.

Conclusions The proposed treatment has fully demonstrated its effectiveness, in future randomised controlled long-term studies are needed to test its therapeutic efficacy over time.

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