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Merete Møller #HandballChampion
  1. Alexandra Ross
    1. Correspondence to Alexandra Ross, Medicine, University of Nottingham School of Medicine, Nottingham NG7 2UH, UK; alexross12{at}

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    If someone wrote a hashtag about you, what would it be?

    #Industrious—that’s what my friends say. But I hope I am more to them than that.

    A note to your high school self—what does it say?

    ‘Enjoy playing handball even more—it won’t last forever’.

    I think my teachers were more worried than I was about the amount of time I spent playing handball. So to them I would say: ‘It is ok! I am going to do alright!’

    Most memorable sporting moment?

    I am fortunate to have competed in two handball world championships’—in 1997, for both senior and youth and emerge victorious on both occasions. It is impossible for me to choose between them. The youth championships was a culmination of 4 years of hard work with an amazing group of players and friends. And the senior championship was special because I was 19 years old, playing with and against all the players who I looked up to. We celebrated that championship with ‘Denmark’, on the balcony of the City House in Copenhagen with the Crown Prince, in front of thousands of people.

    What have you aimed to contribute to the field of sport and exercise medicine?

    I aim to increase the focus and involvement of target users so that we get a better context-specific understanding of the aetiology behind injuries to enhance and inform preventive strategies based on the players, coaches and others on a daily basis. I strongly believe that you don’t achieve any real-world changes if you don’t involve the real world in your research efforts.

    Worst injury?

    One month before …

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