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11 The effectiveness of the fédération internationale de football association (FIFA) injury prevention programmes in soccer: a meta-analysis of meta-analyses
  1. Wesam Al Attar1,
  2. Mansour Alshehri1,2
  1. 1Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia
  2. 2Department of Physiotherapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Queensland, Australia


Introduction The FIFA Medical and Research Centre has designed a comprehensive warm-up programme targeting muscular strength, body kinaesthetic awareness, and neuromuscular control during static and dynamic movements to decrease injury risk for soccer players.

Materials and methods The purpose of this research was to meta analyse the existing meta-analyses so that a conclusion can be drawn on how effective the injury programmes are. Relevant studies were identified by searching five databases for the period January 1990 till 1 July 2018. Results of each meta-analysis were combined together using OR (odds ratios) in a summary meta-analysis. QUOROM was used to assess how comprehensive the reporting included in the meta-analyses had been. The quality of the methodology in the meta-analyses was assessed using AMSTAR 2.

Results In total, the criteria for eligibility were satisfied by four meta-analyses covering fifteen primary studies. All four meta-analyses scored quite highly on QUOROM, but two were rated by AMSTAR 2 as moderate quality and two were found to be of critically low quality. Be that as it may, an overall risk reduction of 34% [OR=0.66 (0.60–0.73); I2=84%] for all injuries and a reduction of 29% [OR=0.71 (0.63–0.81); I2=80%] for injuries to the lower limbs were revealed.

Conclusion Combining every previous meta-analysis into a single source produced decisive evidence that the risk of injuries while playing soccer is reduced as a result of FIFA’s programmes.

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