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It is all about the knee! A focus on sportswomen and sports physiotherapy at #sportfisio2020 in Bern
  1. Mario Bizzini1,2,
  2. Nicolas Mathieu2,3
  1. 1 Research, Schulthess Clinic Human Performance Lab, Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
  2. 2 Swiss Sport Physiotherapy Association, Leukerbad, Valais, Switzerland
  3. 3 Physiotherapy, HES-SO Valais, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Leukerbad, Valais, Switzerland
  1. Correspondence to Mr Mario Bizzini, Research, Schulthess Clinic Human Performance Lab, Zurich, ZH, Switzerland; mario.bizzini{at}

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The Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA) will hold its 18th annual conference on November 13th, 2020 in Bern, capital of Switzerland and home of this event since 2005.

Top knee conference, Bern, November 13, 2020.

The goal of SSPA has always been to organise a high-quality scientific congress featuring international high-profile speakers. We invite you to relive all our conferences (since 2013) on our own YouTube channel (, a free educational resource for the sports PT and medicine community.

After the 2019 shoulder edition, we’ll tackle the knee this year. Despite decades of research and the advances in prevention and rehabilitation, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury still represents the most devastating injury—especially among young females participating in pivoting sports. Instead of repeating—again—’that more research is needed’, #sportfisio2020 aims to underpin the urgent need to implement evidence-based prevention and rehabilitation programmes!1 2

The 2020 knee edition will therefore feature some of the most respected clinicians and researchers in the athlete’s ACL worldwide: Kate Webster, Hege Grindem, Eva Ageberg and Nicky van Melik will provide the academic power in the Bern conference line up!

In this 10th Swiss SPORTFISIO issue—A BJSM member society since 2011

This 10th Swiss Sports PT annual issue of BJSM includes 3 blockbuster knee papers (see below) that are complemented by consensus papers relevant to hip pain (see page 504) and also to muscle strain (see page 528). Guri Ranum Ekås, paediatric orthopadic surgeon from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences provides insight into the challenges of managing meniscal tears—to operate or not is the question (see page 520 ). Portugal’s Dr Renato Andrade systematically reviewed the clinical practice guidelines for managing the patient post-ACL reconstruction (see page 512) . Completing the triptych, Professor Kay Crossley, Director of the La Trobe University Centre of Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre highlights that if a patient is not doing well a year after ACL injury it may be a portent for knee osteoarthritis (see page 546) . Is there anything clinicians can do?

As always, keep track of the SSPA (@SportfisioSwiss) and BJSM (@BJSM_BMJ) via your favourite social media channel(s) and keep your member society abreast of what YOU want in your clinical sports medicine and physiotherapy career. That’s how you find out about terrific value for sports clinicians. Such as the ‘e-issues’ of BJSM. They add beyond the normal 20 issues and 4 IOC-supported Injury Prevention issues.

Enjoy this Swiss issue of BJSM. Keep safe and let’s hope we can all meet in person in Bern on 13 November 2020!



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