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270 The influence of BMI on chronic injuries and performance in climbing
  1. Gudmund Grønhaug
  1. Education, arts and sports, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway, Sogndal, Norway


Background Climbing as a weight bearing sport is thought to rely on relative force (force/weight) ratio for performance. As a climbers most valuable tool is the finger flexors, higher BMI is assumed to influence injuries. There is no previous analysis of the influence of BMI on chronic injuries and performance in climbing.

Objective Assess possible associations of BMI on level of performance and injuries in climbing.

Design Retrospective survey.

Setting Item driven web-based questionnaire.

Patients (or Participants) 667 active climbers.

Interventions (or Assessment of Risk Factors) Descriptive statistics, general linear model (GLM) (SPSS V.25 for windows).

Main Outcome Measurements Gender, age, BMI, level of performance, chronic injury past 6 months.

Results 481 male, 186 female, 58.7% were 26–40 years of age, mean BMI 22.78 (male 22.81 (SD 2.30), female 22.71 (SD 2.21), 76% intermediate or experienced climbers, 385 reported having chronic injuries. No associations were found for gender (p=.336), level of performance (p=.840), chronic injury (p=447) or BMI.

Conclusions The results from this study suggest that BMI does not influence onset of climbing-related chronic injury or level of performance in climbing.

Clinical relevance The findings in this study suggest that there is no need for undereating to maintain a low BMI to be able to reach elite levels in climbing or to avoid injuries. It seems that muscular growth is according to the resistance in weight bearing sports as well as other sports.

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