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281 Kinesiotaping; does it really prevent sports injuries?
  1. Yonatan Kaplan
  1. Jerusalem Sports Medicine Institute, Jerusalem, Israel


Background Over the last 50 years kinesiotaping has become a very popular adjunct in the treatment of sports injuries. Its role in sports injury prevention however remains unclear.

Objectives To investigate whether kinesiotaping has a role in the prevention of sports injuries.

Methods An electronic search was conducted up to June 2019 using medical subheadings and free-text words. The subject-specific search included the terms ‘Kinesio tape’, ‘injury prevention’, ‘motor control’, and ‘proprioception’. The search included levels 1, 2 and 3 evidence-based articles.

Results Twenty-one articles were found. The majority of the articles did not support the use of Kinesio tape in the prevention of injury nor in the increase of joint positioning sense, proprioception or increased motor control.

Conclusions It remains questionable whetherKinesio tape should be used in order to prevent sport injury.

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