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353 The design and implementation of sport injury surveillance system
  1. Mojtaba Ebrahimi Varkiani,
  2. Mohammad Hossien Alizadeh,
  3. Reza Rajabi,
  4. Hooman Minoonejad
  1. University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


Background The increase in sport injuries is a big challenge in public health which requires preventive measures. To reach a successful prevention, implementation of an injury surveillance system is the first and important step.

Objective The present study aimed to design and implement a sport injury surveillance system.

Design Athletic trainers recorded athlete`s sport injuries in soccer, volleyball, handball, taekwondo and wrestling in a period of 6 months via a comprehensive sport injury surveillance system prospectively, using a web-based sport injury recording application on smart phones designed for athletic trainers to collect data.

Setting The pilot study was implemented in Alborz province of Iran. Finally, results were compared with the previous sport injury recording system.

Patients (or Participants) All professional and nonprofessional men and woman included.

Main Outcome Measurements Collecting injuries via surveillance

Results 81 sport injuries were reported in surveillance system. An incidence rate of 1.39 injuries per 1000 athletes was registered in the surveillance system, while there was 0.32 injury per 1000 athletes registered in the sport injury recording system with 19 reported injuries. Contusions and bruising were the most common types of injuries. Finger and knee injuries were the most common body parts in sport injury surveillance system, while knee and thigh injuries were most common in sport injury recording system. There was a significant difference between the results of two systems as well (p<0.05).

Conclusions Sport injury recording was done using a comprehensive web-based system for the first time in Iran. Different implementation and reporting methods and having injury definition may affect the results. Use of injury record application on cellphones may facilitate injury recording as well. Use of surveillance system with successful implementation is a rerequisite for effective prevention, especially in a sports population. Application of simple and user friendly tools and providing acceptance and developing prevention culture in athletes and coaches are necessary to succeed in injury surveillance.

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